I am a web designer and developer from Nigeria, passionate about helping individuals, brands and businesses bring their tech-based fantasies to life.

I believe tech is magic!

And as such, check out some skills I use to give life to your dreams and profit to your business!

And if you are trying to kill your brand, business and/or company faster, then don't get my:

Web Design / Branding Service

Only reach out to me if you want to give yourself, your brand, your bsuiness or yor company the best website designs, landing pages for your products and also get online branding to boost your audience and take your finances to the next big level.

Technical Business Advice and Process Optimization Service

If you don't want to talk to a tech magician for YOUR specified time with an aim to getting just the right guide on what processes to adopt to better suit your business needs and what technologies to incorporate into your workflows to boost productivity and ultimately; profits, then don't Contact me now!

Web Development Service

Who cares about getting custom-made web-based solutions for their brands or businesses? Definitely not you if you are trying to continue using generic and outdated systems despite it being cost-unwise!
Contact me to help create and customize that tech soluion/magic your brand/business would thank you for!

Website Content Creation / Correction Service

You've had revamps in your branding and/or totally overhauled your business but are still using the same text and content on your website from 5 years ago? That's a sure way to reduce your audience and make them feel you are out of touch with modern conditions!
Reach out to me let's get you that content revamp you so much need!

Website Makeover Service

Yes, the goal is to get a fully functional website with amazing UX but then, who doesn't love the feel of fluid websites and modern designs?

Definitely not you if you aren't reaching out for your website.

And lots more...

Do reach out to me if you wish to get your transcription, data entry, virtual assistant tasks and other minor tech-based tasks at lightening speed and crazy value for your money!
What are you waiting for? Reach out now!

Do check out some of the projects I've whipped up over time!

Project Title: 4E's Collections | Branding and Landing Page.


This is a project for a simple website for a store. It aims to provide information on the store and also create and keep an online catalogue in a bid to automate the process for potential customers.
With an option to toggle dark and light themes on the website, visitors on the websiste are sure to get the best options and also get the modern feel off a stock website.


Project Title: Leads Tracker | Productivity Tool


A Chrome extension useful for marketers, other professionals and even day-to-day users.
This extension allows you to copy text, address links of tabs and other strings from a webpage and stored locally on the browser. This automates the process of copying profile links for lead generators and also regular users can use the extension as an easily accessible clipboard on the browser.


Project Title: CryptPay | Blockchain and Finance


This project is an ongoing Web3 and React JS solution aimed at breaking barriers that are currently preventing cryptocurrencies from being the currency of the moment.
The app is meant to enable users pay directly from their cryptocurrency wallets into conventional bank accounts on the go. This would further enable crypto assets to be widely used as a means of fast and reliable payment.
This app is still under development and currently displays the real-time price of a Bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap™.


Project Title: Theme Toggle | Developers' Tool


This is a scrifpt that enables developers to add custom styling for every element in a webpage if so desired whilst toggling betweeen dark and light themes.
Unlike conventional theme togglers that utilize a genric background for all elements upon toggle(boring I know), this script gives you the power to add your custom styles to the minutest of elements! Check it out below


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